Amethyst Beeswax Tablets

Amethyst Beeswax Tablets


Amethyst has been long revered by spiritualists for its strong protective powers and its ability to sedate feelings of rage and grief, to negate negativity, and to instill a feeling of calmness and inner peace.

Those properties alone made it a perfect addition to these beeswax and botanical melts scented with lavender and chamomile essential oils.

These are dual purpose tablets too. Hang one in your closet or car as a deodorizer, or break into pieces and use in your wax melt warmer. The real amethyst chips can then be collected (be cautious around hot wax!) and used in your meditation practice or add them to the soil of houseplants to encourage heath and energy especially in winter months.

Lavender, chamomile, cornflower, and calendula dried in the Khala Naturals’ gardens were dried and added to the beeswax to enhance the aroma and colour.

Tablets will be randomly chosen for your order. Very limited quantities. 100% pure natural beeswax.

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