Earth Elements Lava Stone & Tiger's Eye stretch bracelet

Earth Elements Lava Stone & Tiger's Eye stretch bracelet


This handmade bracelet was created with the Earth in mind. 

Green lava stones can be dotted with a drop of your favourite essential oil or one of our blends listed in this section.

The tiger's eye beads are thought to provide the wearer with protection, bring good luck, and promote mental clarity.

I added the black/white beads as a symbolic Yin and Yang plus the blue/red beads to symbolize the oceans and the volcanoes that bore the lava stones.

Lava stones symbolize “rebirth” as it is a product of the raw energy of fire. It is known for its grounding and calming properties.

Finally the tree charm was added for strength and to remember that those who bend do not break.

This bracelet stretches a bit but to ensure longevity, please roll the bracelet onto your wrist instead of stretching it out fully to make room for your hand.

One size fits many.

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