Hand and Body Salt Scrub

Hand and Body Salt Scrub

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Cracked, dry hands? Soften and soothe with Hand & Body Salt Scrub! We created our own extract using vegetable derived glycerin and organic oranges. Then we paired that with organic sweet almond oil and a delicious blend of 5 Fold Orange oil, neroli and frankincense essential oils. We used four salts including Epsom, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Himalayan Pink to gently exfoliate then rinse away clean.

This scrub can be used at the sink or in the shower/bath. Wet the skin first then take a small amount and rub it into skin (not for use on the face) then rinse off.

275 g BPA-free container (by weight).

Pregnant or nursing women should consult a doctor before using any natural products or those with essential oils.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Orange Extract in Glycerin, 5 Fold Orange essential oil, neroli in jojoba essential oil, frankincense essential oil, Himalayan Pink Salt

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